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I swear 9am lectures are my worst enemies… Especially when the next class is at 1:30pm!! They should’ve just kept the lecture before class… It’s not the worst thing in the world though, since I usually go to a cafe with my friends in the down-time.

Photo of my lecture
Learning about street posters.

Sitting at the back is fun because I can see what everyone else is distracted by…


I’m so happy!!!
I finally figured out how to get VSCode to build and push new changes of my Hugo website to Neocities automatically.
This problem took me so long to solve (with a lot of experimentation) because all the tools I found were far too technical for a n00b like me.

So… I’ll give you in a nutshell of how I did it! (Special thanks to Kirby Kevinson on the Penny’s Club discord server for giving me the hint of using GitLab.

Gitlab Logo

Just a work and uni kinda day...

Now that I have a system (kinda) working with Hugo and Neocities, I can focus on just writing my blog! Yay. Today, I just went to work and had classes between my shifts. To be honest, the whole day, I was just thinking about how I can get my website to automatically push itself to Neocities… 😆

I think I might’ve figured it out by using the Github actions: Deploy to Neocities. I’ll update to let you know if it actually works.

Class today was fun… We just played around with inks and the like. Messy, but fun.

Animated gif of Kirby with sparkly eyes

Second Post!

I haven’t published the website yet since I’m still trying to figure out how to get the date and images showing properly for the blog…

Animated gif of Kirby crying

Edit: I’ve figured out how to do the dates properly! Turns out all my blog posts had to follow the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+15:00 (+15:00 is my timezone ahead of CST) in order for Hugo to render it properly.

First Post!

I just migrated my static website to Hugo! This will make it easier for me to do blog posts. :D