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The buttons made by other people are linked to their pages, while stamps I made myself will link to this site (or to an interest's page) if you click on them.
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What's been going on with this website, and maybe my life?

17/02/2023 (Fri) 12:43AM
+ Added max-width to content within the body tags.
- Removed identifying information from the catmap page. I'm back (probs not for long though)!
- Removed dead links from stamps area


09/05/2021 (Sun) 9:48PM
+ Added the projects page and finished the 100 image catmap!

05/05/2021 (Wed) 10:48PM
+ Lift-aligned the comment box so that it's more readable. Thanks for the suggestion Kirby!

03/05/2021 (Mon) 8:33PM
+ Changed the comment box to HTML Comment Box for better anonymity and loading times.
+ Added comment boxes to all individual posts!

29/04/2021 (Thurs) 9:10PM
+ Added automatic darkmode depending on the user's client.
+ Added a kirby on the left to toggle darkmode.

29/04/2021 (Thurs) 12:01AM
+ Added a search function, archive, categories and tags browser in the sidebar of blog.!

28/04/2021 (Wed) 6:24PM
+ Added a back to top kirby button.
+ Added animated Kirby link cursors.

28/04/2021 (Wed) Devlog - From now on, I'll just use this box for short website updates since the blogging system is set up! I've finally figured out how to automatically build and push my website to Neocities through GitLab Pipelines. Check out my full post on it here!

23/04/2021 (Fri) Lifelog - I've added Corq's website to my badges section! Thanks for leaving a comment. I love Kirby! My friends said they might make a website as well so that'll be fun.

23/04/2021 (Fri) Devlog - I got animated cursors to work! I found an old thread which talked about it here. It basically works by using CSS animations to replace the cursor at every percentage. (The second answer on the thread). I've yet to implement a personal blog yet, but I'm looking at how to do it! I'll also change the link cursor to an animated cursor at a later date.

        Cute baby sticker

20/04/2021 (Tues) Lifelog - Went to work today and went home to work on an album someone I knew from highschool commissioned me for. I think it looks rad! Also had uni class, but that's kinda insignificant hah. I'm thinking I'll add a proper lifelog page so that I don't have to mix up this space.

20/04/2021 (Tues) Devlog - I rearranged the flexbox so that the comment box is at the bottom of the screen for mobile devices! I also fixed the button for RealWorld Graphics. I found the Kirby cursor on there yesterday!

19/04/2021 (Mon) Devlog - Implemented Kirby cursors! My friends and I (bless your souls Wenorter and Shoshin) were trying to figure out how to get animated .ani cursor files to work for this website, but it turned out to be a lot too complicated, so I ended up having to settle down for a static cursor. Club penguin sad emote. If anyone can figure out how to get Jordan Eldredge's ani-cursor to work, please let me know how!

18/04/2021 (Sun) Lifelog - I was supposed to go on a picnic today, but it was too far away. Sleeping kirby

18/04/2021 (Sun) Devlog - GraphComment comment box was added. YAY! This updates box was also created, along with the Random box. I also made the Bomby's and Animal Crossing button. Do you see the orange and yellow scrollbars? I like them.

17/04/2021 (Sat) Devlog - Bomby's website was born! (With only the header.) I made a Kirby love button and a Stardew Valley one as well. Feel free to use them! ;)

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