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I swear 9am lectures are my worst enemies… Especially when the next class is at 1:30pm!! They should’ve just kept the lecture before class… It’s not the worst thing in the world though, since I usually go to a cafe with my friends in the down-time.

Photo of my lecture
Learning about street posters.

Sitting at the back is fun because I can see what everyone else is distracted by…

Photo of a student watching netball during the lecture
Lol… Someone isn’t paying attention… 👆

I need to grab a coffee after this lecture. (I don’t even like coffee, but I’ll grab a mocha mmmm). ☕ Stayed up too late last night working on darkmode for the website. So weird how it flickers on mobile in portrait mode, but works fine on my iPad and computer. The button to make the buttons bigger/smaller also breaks when you enter darkmode for some reason.

Bah humbug, I’ll figure it out another time! I think the other stuff may be priority atm.

1. Add tag bar to the bottom of each post.
2. Make post templates for Reviews (i.e. for games or shows etc.)
3. Add custom emotes.
4. Add a mood tracker on the top corner of each blog post.

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