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Just a work and uni kinda day...

Now that I have a system (kinda) working with Hugo and Neocities, I can focus on just writing my blog! Yay. Today, I just went to work and had classes between my shifts. To be honest, the whole day, I was just thinking about how I can get my website to automatically push itself to Neocities… 😆

I think I might’ve figured it out by using the Github actions: Deploy to Neocities. I’ll update to let you know if it actually works.

Class today was fun… We just played around with inks and the like. Messy, but fun.

Animated gif of Kirby with sparkly eyes

1. Implement a template for individual pages for each blog post Done!
2. figure out how to push my Hugo static files to Neocities automagically
3. Limit the front page to only have a snippet of the post (so that the "read more..." button has a purpose hehe)
4. Implement a search engine
5. Show tags/categories on the right column of the blog page
6. Show tags/categories at the bottom of each post
7. Make a template that I can use for my mark-down posts with the custom shortcodes for left-align and linebreaks

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