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Posting from mobile...?

I just downloaded the app Working Copy on my iPhone so that I can clone my git repository and create markdown files on the go! I also got the app Bear for nicer mark-down editing.

Screenshot of the Working Copy app
Working copy.

Screenshot of the Bear app

So far, it seems to be working really well! The only problem with this setup is that I can’t really preview what the post will look like on my site (since I use Hugo shortcodes for some of my markdown). But since the formatting is so basic, I don’t think it matters too much. It’ll work for now until I get a laptop! 😌

Right now, I’m just on the train to work until the afternoon. I might hold off tinkering with my website today so that I can get some work done for uni (and get some sleep!).

I’m super happy I got yesterday’s to-do list for this website all done.

1. Night-mode theme switching depending on user light mode_dark mode interfaces. (Thanks Kirby Kevinson for your suggestion on Discord!) Done! (April 29 10:36PM)
2. Add tag bar to the bottom of each post.
3. Make post templates for Reviews (i.e. for games or shows etc.)
4. Add custom emotes.
5. Add a mood tracker on the top corner of each blog post.

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