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Chocolate overnight oats and some other things

Overnight oats with natural peanut butter drizzle and sugarfree chocolate nuts

Let’s start with the recipe and then get to the life story hehe.


  1. Dutched cocoa power – 2 tbsp
  2. Rolled oats – 1/2 cup
  3. Erythritol (or sugar/honey/sweetener of choice) – 2 tsp
  4. Kinako, sesame and almond powder (optional) – 2 tbsp
  5. Water/milk (or milk alternatives) – see in recipe!
  6. Toppings of your choice (fruits, peanut butter, nuts, greek yoghurt etc.)


  1. Lay rolled outs on the bottom of your container (can be a jar or tupperware or anything, really)
  2. In another bowl, mix all the other dry ingredients
  3. Gradually add water/milk to the powder while mixing until the poweder is a creamy but runny texture
  4. Pour the mixture on your oats and add toppings that you’d like soften overnight.
  5. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours, or overnight!
  6. Enjoy eating it – feel free to add more toppings :)

Thoughts and blabbering

So easy, right? I got a batch of protein whey from Amazon for the sole purpose of experimenting with recipes and found out the wonderful invention that is overnight oats...

The idea of getting whey protein to begin with came from Boo's Ridiculous Brownies when I was looking for low carb sweets that I can try making. I didn't have erythritol on hand, so when I made her recipe I used no sugar or sweeteners (other than the diet soda) and it isn't very popular at parties. I like it though!

But now that I do have erythritol and protein powder, I'll 100% try it again. Just not this week... Since I've had so many experimental brownies last week haha.

I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of chocolate/cocoa flavoured things soon after eating so much of it these days.

Not sure though hmm!

If you have any recipes you recommend, send it through!

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