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Wow, it's like I'm in another dimension!

Hey there! Guess I’m pretty bad at keeping up a digital journal.
It’s already been 2 weeks since I last posted!
COVID’s starting to get bad again where I live, so the snow trip that I’m super looking forward to might get cancelled. 😭

I recently got an Oculus Quest II mainly for my dad to try out. He’s always been a huge fan of tech and video games. VR headsets must’ve been like a sci-fi object back in his days. At the moment, we both enjoy games that are a bit more chill, without the need to move around too much. (Mostly because we’re both prone to motion sickness)

Because of the Oculus summer sales, I bought Vacation simulator! I also tried out the 3D painting app Quill on PCVR. And of course, Beat Saber.

VR is so cool!!!

My holidays have been a little unproductive so far, but I’ll crank it up tomorrow. We finally got our club confirmed! I’ll also try to continue my exercises on freeCodeCamp. I should be able to finish the Responsive Web Design Certification course very soon. Currently debating with myself whether I should skip the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification course and go straight into Front End Development Libraries since I’ve already worked with Java at uni.

I think I should maybe also make a new blog that’s a little more professional for my own portfolio…

What do you think?

1. Add tag bar to the bottom of each post.
2. Make post templates for Reviews (i.e. for games or shows etc.)
3. Add custom emotes.
4. Add a mood tracker on the top corner of each blog post.

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