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Winter break

Haven’t posted for almost a while, but I’m done with uni for the semester!
I coded a website showcasing my poster and zine design for an assignment.
I’d say I’m pretty happy with the result.

This holidays, I want to get better at coding and design some materials for my CafĂ© Club. I’m excited for it to get up and running!

Other than that, I recently finished a Chinese romcom drama set in a fictional historical China. The english name of the drama is: “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”. I’d say that it was a good laugh and a very light-hearted watch. Maybe I’ll make a review post for it tomorrow… (That is if I get to starting on my to-do list tomorrow hehe)

I also resubscribed to FFXIV for the month. I think I’m not super great at playing MMOs anymore since I lose interest very quickly. Probably wasn’t worth the $30.

I’m looking forward to going out with friends a bit more these two months. 😄

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