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Holidays... SOON!

I haven’t poster in a while since I’ve been busy with uni assignments. My last one is due on the 31st of this month, so not too long to go!

University has been fun for the first semester, but I definitely can use a break over the winter holidays.

During this holiday, I’ll be working on a website for a society that I’m starting, as well as trying to learn more coding. TwilioQuest seems like a fun way to do that and I might try it in combination with FreeCodeCamp.

I’ll also be going to the snow this year, so here’s to hoping that we get some nice and fluffy show when we’re there.

Maybe I’ll also get stated on this to-do list, which I haven’t gotten the chance to work in recently…

1. Add tag bar to the bottom of each post.
2. Make post templates for Reviews (i.e. for games or shows etc.)
3. Add custom emotes.
4. Add a mood tracker on the top corner of each blog post.

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