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Next Generation Internet

I’m always here one day and never to be seen until many moons later. And so, it’s been another half a year! I feel like I update here on a half-year basis to be honest. Like I would just suddenly get bursts of motivation to write about something. Recently, I've been reading more long-form blogs and exploring the smaller web. With what Google has been doing to Youtube, the amount of monetization in Reddit and Meta doing what they've always been doing, I found myself bored with what the big web has to offer.

Chocolate overnight oats and some other things

Overnight oats with natural peanut butter drizzle and sugarfree chocolate nuts

Let’s start with the recipe and then get to the life story hehe.


  1. Dutched cocoa power – 2 tbsp
  2. Rolled oats – 1/2 cup
  3. Erythritol (or sugar/honey/sweetener of choice) – 2 tsp
  4. Kinako, sesame and almond powder (optional) – 2 tbsp
  5. Water/milk (or milk alternatives) – see in recipe!
  6. Toppings of your choice (fruits, peanut butter, nuts, greek yoghurt etc.)

Okay, an update

So the last post was super short since I wrote it at midnight, but finally have a slither of time to do a more detailed update…

I think two blog-posts ago, I talked about doing exchange in Japan. Well, I’ve been here for a little over three months now! I’m way out in the more countryside area of Japan though. (Legit can see rice paddies on the way to the grocers).

I like that though. I like that it’s more quiet and peaceful, and slower pace. I like that I don’t have to worry about living expenses since cost of living is a lot lower than big cities like Tokyo (and definitely a lot cheaper than back home in Sydney)…

I like living by myself and having the freedom to cook the foods I want to eat. And also the freedom to decorate my own place and enjoy it for myself. :)

Front Matter

Hey guys,

Quick update today since I got carried away by this website again (it always happen out of nowhere I swear!), but it’s already 1:22am where I am! (Ohno… and I’ve got work tomorrow morning)

I’m trying out something new (again)

This something new is Front Matter – a CMS extension for VS Code that lets me write my markdown for my blogposts using WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get).

It's been a hot minute... (2 years almost!)

Oh wow, it’s been almost two years since I last updated this site…

So so so much have happened in these last two years. I got a job working as a Junior UI/UX designer at an awesome place and learnt more about code as well! There are so many things I could do better with this site structurally… I still love it though! This is the first web project that I’ve completed myself. :D

I’ll try to build another site though! With skills I learnt on the job maybe hehe.

Oh long story short, I’ll finally be able to go on my exchange to Japan next month! I’ll be at Niigata for 11 months, so that’s pretty big. :O

This means that my bf and I will have to do long distance until I come back…

Wow, it's like I'm in another dimension!

Hey there! Guess I’m pretty bad at keeping up a digital journal.
It’s already been 2 weeks since I last posted!
COVID’s starting to get bad again where I live, so the snow trip that I’m super looking forward to might get cancelled. 😭

I recently got an Oculus Quest II mainly for my dad to try out. He’s always been a huge fan of tech and video games. VR headsets must’ve been like a sci-fi object back in his days. At the moment, we both enjoy games that are a bit more chill, without the need to move around too much. (Mostly because we’re both prone to motion sickness)

Because of the Oculus summer sales, I bought Vacation simulator! I also tried out the 3D painting app Quill on PCVR. And of course, Beat Saber.

VR is so cool!!!

My holidays have been a little unproductive so far, but I’ll crank it up tomorrow. We finally got our club confirmed! I’ll also try to continue my exercises on freeCodeCamp. I should be able to finish the Responsive Web Design Certification course very soon. Currently debating with myself whether I should skip the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification course and go straight into Front End Development Libraries since I’ve already worked with Java at uni.

I think I should maybe also make a new blog that’s a little more professional for my own portfolio…

What do you think?

Winter break

Haven’t posted for almost a while, but I’m done with uni for the semester!
I coded a website showcasing my poster and zine design for an assignment.
I’d say I’m pretty happy with the result.

This holidays, I want to get better at coding and design some materials for my Café Club. I’m excited for it to get up and running!

Holidays... SOON!

I haven’t poster in a while since I’ve been busy with uni assignments. My last one is due on the 31st of this month, so not too long to go!

University has been fun for the first semester, but I definitely can use a break over the winter holidays.

During this holiday, I’ll be working on a website for a society that I’m starting, as well as trying to learn more coding. TwilioQuest seems like a fun way to do that and I might try it in combination with FreeCodeCamp.

I’ll also be going to the snow this year, so here’s to hoping that we get some nice and fluffy show when we’re there.

Catmap 2

I’ve been busy the last few days working on the catmap, and I got the Google Maps API to work the way I want it to! So far, I have 40 pictures, but I still need 60 more for the assignment criteria. It was interesting to look at the different interpretations of cats around the world, and the myths and stories that follow… I’ll finish up with those on the weekend!


Just worked today, nothing much else!

The Myers-briggs personality test (and many other like it) isn’t based on any real scientific research, but something about personality tests really intrigue me.

Maybe it’s the idea that we can truly understand people and all the complexities and differences that make these tests so compelling. It’s plain satisfying to feel that everyone’s differences has an underlying reason…

But no!! People are more than just 4 letters. It’s a bit of fun, but I think most people’s personalities are fluid and change depending on the environment they’re in and the people they’re with.


Today, I tried to do something cool for my upcoming assignment with code.
Unfortunately, being the big noob I am, I couldn’t really figure it out.
I wanted to create a map with pictures overlaid on certain coordinates, and tried to use OpenLayers to do it.
For most of the day, I was figuring out how to use npm and browserify to run packages… I’m happy that I learnt how to use them!

As for the map, I actually did manage to embed it onto the page, but I couldn’t understand how to project a static image onto specific coordinates.
You can take a look here! Not exciting at all since it’s just a map, but it’s better than nothing. 😭

I might try to use Google Maps API instead just because the documentation is easier to read (for me).


I swear 9am lectures are my worst enemies… Especially when the next class is at 1:30pm!! They should’ve just kept the lecture before class… It’s not the worst thing in the world though, since I usually go to a cafe with my friends in the down-time.

Photo of my lecture
Learning about street posters.

Sitting at the back is fun because I can see what everyone else is distracted by…


I’m so happy!!!
I finally figured out how to get VSCode to build and push new changes of my Hugo website to Neocities automatically.
This problem took me so long to solve (with a lot of experimentation) because all the tools I found were far too technical for a n00b like me.

So… I’ll give you in a nutshell of how I did it! (Special thanks to Kirby Kevinson on the Penny’s Club discord server for giving me the hint of using GitLab.

Gitlab Logo

Just a work and uni kinda day...

Now that I have a system (kinda) working with Hugo and Neocities, I can focus on just writing my blog! Yay. Today, I just went to work and had classes between my shifts. To be honest, the whole day, I was just thinking about how I can get my website to automatically push itself to Neocities… 😆

I think I might’ve figured it out by using the Github actions: Deploy to Neocities. I’ll update to let you know if it actually works.

Class today was fun… We just played around with inks and the like. Messy, but fun.

Animated gif of Kirby with sparkly eyes

Second Post!

I haven’t published the website yet since I’m still trying to figure out how to get the date and images showing properly for the blog…

Animated gif of Kirby crying

Edit: I’ve figured out how to do the dates properly! Turns out all my blog posts had to follow the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+15:00 (+15:00 is my timezone ahead of CST) in order for Hugo to render it properly.

First Post!

I just migrated my static website to Hugo! This will make it easier for me to do blog posts. :D