2023/02 | Bomby's Website!

Some buttons showing what I'm into!
The buttons made by other people are linked to their pages, while stamps I made myself will link to this site (or to an interest's page) if you click on them.
Feel free to use my buttons!

It's been a hot minute... (2 years almost!)

Oh wow, it’s been almost two years since I last updated this site…

So so so much have happened in these last two years. I got a job working as a Junior UI/UX designer at an awesome place and learnt more about code as well! There are so many things I could do better with this site structurally… I still love it though! This is the first web project that I’ve completed myself. :D

I’ll try to build another site though! With skills I learnt on the job maybe hehe.

Oh long story short, I’ll finally be able to go on my exchange to Japan next month! I’ll be at Niigata for 11 months, so that’s pretty big. :O

This means that my bf and I will have to do long distance until I come back…